All-Over Color    

 With  conditioning treatment, shampoo, and blow dry .  Short length hair.  Mention to get The Deal! First time visit

 $80 Value  $145

Perm or Beach waves 

Short length hair. Includes, style, blow dry. Mention to get Deal! First time visit

$120  Value for $204


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Specials for New  clients

Healthy Hair Is Trending

Improving hair health is the main concern for clients, now more than ever, especially before, or after the hair color service to protect hair color. Hair requires hair treatment as a good foundation before hair  color. Poor hair quality leads to poor color quality. We offer:

1.-Masquerade Ball Treatment

Replenish hair with fortifying ingredients in these rejuvenating masks. For all types of hair perm, color,  natural wavy and straight hair. Replenish hair with fortifying ingredients in these rejuvenating masks. Plant-base anti-oxidant, Vitamins C,E, omega 3,6, and mineral dense to fortify your hair. Not only treating existing damage, but also as a damage preventative”

2.- Ultimate Treatment 

Restore vital nutrients and equalize porosity. 3-step. It is an advanced nutrient delivery system that carries powerful vitamins, proteins for optimal conditioning
-Restore vital nutrients
-Equalize Porosity after hair color

4.-Trauma Treatment

Flower Shield Complex contains anti-fade compounds from flowers for maximum color protection. Apply as a leave-in for continuous healing action.  Healing formula restores processed hair. Protein that locks-in hair color for healthy and shine. 



About Organic Natural Hair Salon


We carry large selection of Certified Professional Organic hair care products in our salon. Here are some of our favorites.

Oway’s  Hair Care Products

Oway’s professional organic hair care products are artfully formulated with biodynamic botanicals, organic ingredients, and pure essential oils. All products are certified cruelty-free and are free from common toxic ingredients. Our newest Organic products:

Colure Contains Super-food called Pea protein that is a plant based protein from yellow split peas.  When applied to hair can help to stimulate and strengthen cells, which helps to promote hair growth and prevent hair loss.

No Nothing Free from harmful chemicals, products that irritate NO-ONE in co-operation with allergy, skin and asthma Federation.

Certified Professional Organic Hair Care Products



Michele Kelly

★★★★★ 11/12/19

I chose Evon specifically because I value her organic and natural hair care philosophy. Everything from the organic products and environmentally friendly tools she chooses are true to the Boulder lifestyle of health and wellness. Our hair matters too!


Amber Lily

★★★★★ 10/25/19

This was Hands down the Best hair salon experience I have had. Evon is a joy to be around, and she was genuinely interested in me and figuring out Exactly what I wanted for my hair. I wanted a change, to get bangs, and she did it just bit by bit, the whole time checking in and making me feel light and laugh. I was looking for a place that uses no chemicals, and only products that will Help my hair be healthier and look better now and in the long run, and don’t harm the environment. I was AMAZED that she cut and styled my hair Better than I could have imagined. I finally found my hair dresser, and I will only be trusting her to treat my hair from now on. I fully recommend this spot!!!

Elizabeth Ogletree


Evon's color is amazing and does not dry or damage curly hair. She also knows how to perfectly layer curly hair and how to respect hair that you want to leave long. I've never had a better cut or color.

Josh Coyle


Every time I get a haircut at Organic Natural Hair Salon, I leave with it exactly as I want it. Other hair places I've been to often have a period after the cut where it takes some time to be ideal but each cut I get looks great right away! Last visit I wanted a different hair style and was able to get the help and direction to make it a possibility. I highly recommend Organic Natural Hair Salon

Kristin Stelter


This was the best haircut experience I've received in Boulder. First, I LOVE my new haircut. I brought in a picture of what I wanted and it turned out better than the picture because she tailored the look to my face. Second, I normally hate chit chat during my hair cuts, but I felt so at ease that conversation came naturally and was fun, too! I felt pampered and heard throughout. She made sure to check in with me during the progress of the cut, letting me know what she was doing and asking if I liked it. Highly recommend!

Gabrielle Bergh


I love my perm and I love how everything is organic! she showed me exactly what’s in my perm and how it contains no harmful chemicals. If you want healthy hair I highly recommend coming here.:)

Google Review 

Michal Matyjasik


I am a returning customer to Organic Natural Hair Salon. I can be very particular about haircuts have always had a great haircut here, done exactly the way I want, and for a fair price. The owner is very knowledgeable and will go out of her way to educate customers on how to best take care of their hair. She clearly takes pride in her work and creates a relaxing atmosphere with tasteful music and natural lighting. You can feel good spending your money here at an honest, small, local business, which is becoming a rarity in Boulder as rent prices skyrocket. The good reviews written by real people here on Google don't lie...

Gini DuMars


I came because I saw the "organic sign. The menu options were explained fully and all products are truly certified organic. I requested a haircut for a wedding and she gave me a new uplifting style. that I Love. I highly recommend Organic Natural Hair Studio.

Brittany Hart


Today was my second time at her salon and it was a beautiful experience. She is very knowledgeable and personable. My hair feels fresh and natural without the use of all the chemicals. She listened to what I wanted with my highlights and with my cut and she nailed it. I'm very happy and will return. Highly recommend to primp who live organic and those who love their hair enough to not put chemicals on yourself.

Miliana B


Highly recommend !!!

Spencer Peckman


I wanted the organic process for my hair and she did a great job coloring my hair from a bad experience from another salon. She also educated me on hair care and I bought her products



I had a fabulous time getting my hair done. She is wonderful at color and style, plus had a fantastic conversation!

Parvati Karla


Great place to go to have your hair done!! I have gone here for years, always a happy experience! Friendly and professional! Evon uses only organic products good for your health!

Glenda Thomas


I had a perm for the first time in many years do was very nervous about this. Evon did a great job with the perm and also with putting me at ease and teaching me how to care for it. She is very nice and the dalin atmosphere was great .

Karla C.

★★★★★ 03/20/19

When I saw "Organic Salon" it got my attention. I decided to go into Organic Natural Salon, and I had the most wonderful experience! I not only got a beautiful hair cut, but I also learned how to style and take care of my hair. I have curly hair and before I used to always have it up in a bun. Now I where it down all the time. I feel so pretty, and modern, whenever I leave the salon! I am so grateful for all the education I get here about my hair and products! Thank you so much for changing my hair-styling life for the better! I love this salon!

Mary Marland

★★★★★ 02/26/19

I asked Evon to match existing color that had grown out and she did a great job. The color brightened my face and didn’t look too processed or unnatural. My hair is very wavy and cuts are often tricky and she did a great job with that as well. Very knowledgeable in organic products and provided some thoughtful tips on styling and care. Very satisfied!

Kathy Cox

★★★★★ 02/20/19

Perfect place for anyone who needs access to information on how to care for your hair regardless of condition and type of hair as well as large selection of high end organic products that are hard to find and can't be trusted to purchase on line. My hair looks healthy after a color and highlights process that can make hair look brassy and dry plus an updated cut that i love. Thanks for the great service.


Stephanie School

★★★★★ 02/15/2019

 loved every part of my experience at Organic Hair Salon with Evon. She is dynamic and is SO knowledgeable! She taught me how to keep my hair healthy and vibrant. She was also VERY kind and made the experience AMAZING!

Nina A.

★★★★★ 02/09/2019

Evon was fantastic. She did a loose perm and haircut and it came out perfect and she is so much fun to hang out with and talk to. She’s also extremely knowledgeable in all things hair related. Also, I was there while she finished doing someone’s highlights and cut and they came out gorgeous! Highly recommended.

Dee Johnson

★★★★★ 02/05/2019

The stylist was fantastic, and she certainly didn't make it a boring experience. She was professional and engaging. The trim turned out just as I wanted, and the color is deep and vibrant. I would gladly return to her next time I'm due for a cut.



Evon is warm, friendly and very knowledgeable. She suggested a new look which I loved. She’s amazing.

Heidi McDowell

★★★★★ 02/02/2019

Evon did an amazing job on my color correction. She literally saved my hair! Plus, she had great music and is a genuinely nice person.

Courtney Stenerson

★★★★★ 02/02/2019

Evon was so knowledgeable, warm and welcoming. She has such a bubbly personality and combine with her wonderful studio made for a rich experience. I learned more about my hair than I ever knew and am thankful to have had the education! The cut and color is healthy and perfect!

Rachael. A

★★★★★ 02/01/2019

Evon took her time to make sure she understood and executed what I wanted. She's fun, easy to be with and did a great job on my hair.

Julian Royce

★★★★★ 01/23/2019

What a wonderful place for a hair cut! She is very skilled and is even knowledgeable about the history of different hair styles. Highly recommended.

Lily McGrain

★★★★★ 01/22/2019

She did a wonderful job with coloring my hair and took her time to make sure that I ended up with the exact color I wanted! She was very personable, kind, and accommodating throughout the whole process! Also, all of her products are so natural and organic which is amazing! I definitely highly recommend!

Hannah Plehaty

★★★★★ 12/03/2018

I was able to get a last minute appointment for a perm. The studio was clean and nicely decorated. Madame was meticulous, extremely knowledgeable, and made sure she knew exactly what I wanted before she began. It turned out so well! I love it. I appreciate that she took the time to explain how to care for my new look afterwards. And the products are as natural and Eco-friendly as they can be.
I highly recommend Organic Natural Hair Salon


★★★★★ 2/08/2018

I was looking for a unique organic products for my hair and found this amazing organic hair salon place. The owner was very knowledgeable about hair and manage my wavy hair. I got the perfect highlights with no bad chemical smells. I highly recommended it.

Kristin Duclos

★★★★★ 01/24/2018

The stylist was very friendly and the products were amazing. There is no smell associated with any of the hair dye! This was my first time and my hair feels and looks better than it has in years. I will definitely be making my next appointment soon!

Vonda Ellis

★★★★★ 01/17/2018

My hair looked and felt amazing when I left. I suspect most people will have not only better looking hair, but learn something about hair care, after coming here. Highly recommend!!

Jennifer Verochi

★★★★★ 01/10/2018

This was my first time I came and I loved it! She taught me a lot about my natural wavy hair and gave me great tips. The color was fabulous! I am definitely coming back for my next cut and color. Highly recommend if you want to have healthy safe hair!

.Joshua Cogle

★★★★★ 01/06/2018Most other hair stylist cut your hair and it is awkward for a few days, but Organic/Natural Hair Salon makes it look perfect instantly! She cuts it the exact way I want it every time. I will absolutely be returning again and again! PS love her music :)

Tony The T-Bone

★★★★★ 01/03/2018 

I think this is the right place, very nice hair cut! My dad has been going for a long time, and so have The master hairstylist is very good, and nice. Highly recommended

Sarah Hoogerwerf

 ★★★★★  12/02/2017

I absolutely love the organic natural hair salon! Always does a fabulous job on my highlights and my hair feels healthy and shines! I would highly recommend :)

Natalia Guggenhein

★★★★★ 10/31/2017

Consistently love my color! The high quality NATURAL products are super kind to my hair. She is fun and passionate about her art.

Allexis Wagner

★★★★★ 10/30/2017

I learned so much about how to take care of my hair! I had a great experience at Organic-Natural Hair Salon. Her products are for sure certified organic and I will for sure be back! I highly recommend her service.

Eliaine Nicole

★★★★★ 10/30/2017

Wonderful experience! I never had so much fun with a hairstylist, and I also learned a lot about maintaining healthy hair. It was the first time I cut my hair in almost 5 years and I have never left a hair appointment so happy! I cut off almost 12 inches of hair and I am in love with my new look!!

Cara Jaffee

★★★★★ 10/29/2017

Awesome first time ORGANIC cut and color! She is sure to entertain you :-) and I highly recommend you visit Organic Natural Hair. No smells, no mess!


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