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Our products contains plant-based, naturally derived ingredients that include more vitamins, nutrients, essential oils, and cancer fighting antioxidants than any other non-organic alternative, or over the counter hair products. Consumers that use non-organic hair products often experience harmful reactions due to the frequent utilization of pesticides, synthetically engineered, and petroleum-based ingredients.  Effects of non-organic hair products can include serious allergic reactions, hormonal weakness, and protein cells which cause increased hair and skin dryness, irritation, and itching. 




Healthy Hair Is Trending

Improving hair health is the main concern for clients, now more than ever, especially before, or after the hair color service to protect hair and hair color by using organic hair treatments, because they are free from harmful chemicals. Hair and skin is dead tissue and can't regenerate it self, so it relies on you to keep it healthy. How you care for your hair has a huge impact on their strength, appearance, and manageability, particularly if you color, Types of texture, each texture requires different attention.

1.-Masquerade Ball Treatment

Replenish hair with fortifying ingredients in these rejuvenating masks. For all types of hair perm, color,  natural wavy and straight hair. Replenish hair with fortifying ingredients in these rejuvenating masks. Plant-base anti-oxidant, Vitamins C,E, omega 3,6, and mineral dense to fortify your hair. Not only treating existing damage, but also as a damage preventative

2.-Trauma Treatment

Flower Shield Complex contains anti-fade compounds from flowers for maximum color protection. Apply as a leave-on for continuous healing action.  Healing formula restores processed hair. Protein that locks-in hair color for healthy and shine. 


About Organic Natural Hair Salon


As the world continues to adjust to the effects of COVID-19, expectations are changing, and attention to cleanliness will be incredibly important. Our customers want to feel safe and secure in this salon, for this reason Evon, the owner & operator of Organic Natural Hair Salon is Certified in Infection Control, as well as in Barbicide disinfectant in order to show her commitment to her clients health and safety. 

Why Choose Organic? 

Organic Natural Hair Salon is all about both the health and well-being of our clients and hairstylists, as well as the safety of the environment in mind. We have achieved this by using and retailing only certified  professional organic hair color, and hair care products. You want the best nutrition for your body, your hair deserves the best too! For this reason we introduce to you organic hair care product.


The cuticles in your hair absorb and deposits any chemicals you use into your blood circulation, for this reason consumers that use non-organic hair products often experience harmful and sometimes dangerous reactions due to the frequent utilization of pesticides and other synthetically engineered and petroleum-based ingredients. SILICONE derived  from petroleum is one of the most popular ingredients that is needed and used for non organic products added to hair colors, conditioners and hair treatments for shine-smooth to the hair. ESSENTIAL OILS are use in Organic Hair products to produce the same effect as the Silicone.

The effects of non-organic compounds can include serious allergic reactions, hormonal changes, and even cancer - the second leading cause of dead in Americans"  Hair is a fundamental element of our personality,  and self image that gives you a major confidence boost! For this reason, you need to take care of it. Organic Natural Hair Salon is also a Eco-friendly salon that embraces the Boulder tradition of health and environmental awareness. 

The freelance artist Evon, with more than 20 years experience and the hair industry, trained  also abroad Germany, Switzerland and Italy. For this reason our service is European Standard. She is the heart and soul of Organic Beauty and the connection between clean, pure, healthy and safe products. Her commitment on "clean beauty" with focus on sustainable sourced. For 

Evon special

  • Organic Hair Color Products 

  • Organic Hair Care Products

  • Highlights, and Perm free from toxic ingredients

  • Haircuts for textured, Wavy, Curly and Straight Hair

Although she is not a chemist, she is continually searching for the best in professional organic and natural products, free from toxic ingredients. 

Our Mission:

  • Our products feature recycled ensure responsibility to the environment.

  • We guarantee that none of these amazing products are tested on animals.

  • Bike Friendly Program, we’ll even give you a discount for taking an Eco – Friendly mode of transportation. 10% off Haircuts.

  • Human Hair Recycling Program Organic Natural Hair Salon has started in December 6, 2011 to celebrate the concept that salons can create less waste and stay actively involved in local and national recycling programs committed to community service and environmental awareness. For this reason we added to our mission ‘The Hair Recycling Program’ Human hair is protein (keratin) that mixes with compost. The United States has over 300,000 hair salons, and each cuts an average of one pound of hair per day. Hair clippings can be used to soak up oil in waterways, and car mechanics garages. How does it work? Hair is woven into a hair mat or stuffed into a nylon bag to make booms to soak up oil! Other salons generously pay out of pocket for postage to send their swept up hair clipping to Matter of Trust; an organization that was asking salons to donate their hair from haircuts to create hair “booms”. Check out these cool videos about the hair booms: https:

  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tg9vdnOuEhk

  • http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EwQOD_Ir2vQ


Organic hair color provides 100% gray coverage for every shade

Free from Ammonia, Resorcinol, and PPD.

Highlights and Perms free from toxic ingredients.

Organic hair care products are:

Free from toxic chemical ingredients

Plat-based includes, vitamins, essential oils

Cancer-fighting antioxidants than any non-organic

Improve the health and strength of your hair from inside out

Consumers that use non-organic hair products often experience harmful and sometimes dangerous reactions due to the frequent utilization of pesticides and other synthetically engineered and petroleum-based ingredients. The detrimental effects of non-organic compounds can include serious allergic reactions, hormonal changes, and even cancer. At the very least, these unnatural ingredients weaken protein cells which cause increased hair and skin dryness, irritation, and itching. 

  • We don't use henna for hair color. The commercial henna has many “henna colors”, and are created with metallic salts

  • Metallic salts can cause negative health effects for hair stylists, and clients.

  • Real henna is never black, but is orange-brown

  • Black henna contains PPD ingredients, in addition to achieve its ebony color. 

Certified Professional Organic Hair Care Products



.Simon Smith
★★★★★ 07/20/2022
5 stars, found the Organic Natural Hair Salon on Google and went there as soon as I read the great reviews, she gave me a great haircut I felt like a Queen, and she was very knowledgeable European standard, you will leave knowing more about your hair then you did when you arrived!!

Marit Vadet


Evon was very friendly and professional and gave me a lot of information about perm and how to take care of curls. I have a very resistant hair type so I didn't have very high hopes, but it turned out great ! Maybe the best perm I ever had. 5 stars from me :)

Elizabeth Henderson
★★★★★ 07/05/2022
Awesome first time ORGANIC cut and color! She is a great professional hairstylist. I highly recommend you visit  Organic Natural Hair. No smells, no mess!

Gabriel Minot

She did a great job covering up my grey's and refreshed highlights! All Organic is definitely the way to go. Bonus you get an education on how to take care of your hair properly. She fixed all the sections.

Gabriel Minot


his was the best hairdresser experience I have probably ever had. She was very professional and friendly, and was super informative about how to take care of my hair in general and with a new perm. She knew exactly what I wanted, and gave me suggestions while also listening to me and valuing what I had to say. Usually when I leave a haircut from anywhere else I’m pretty disappointed, but today I left feeling better about my hair than I have ever felt.

Camilla Bradley


Evon is a breath of fresh air and full of warmth and knowledge. She did my hair PERFECTLY. Educated in Switzerland and Germany in hair care brilliance, Evon gave me just what I needed. I rarely walk away from a hair coloring experience feeling like, "wow, this is EXACTLY how I hoped to look!" but with Evon, I felt just that way!! She is incredibly fun, kind, compassionate and interesting to talk to, as well. She taught me more about hair than I have ever learned, and I feel equipped to take better care of my hair in a non-toxic, organic way. Come to Organic Natural Hair Salon! Your hair, health, and happiness will be much better for it :)



I got a perm and a cut and read a great pamphlet about how to keep your hair healthy. Evon is a gem! My hair has much more volume and not breaking or damaged at all because she uses safe perm free from toxic ingredients.

Andrew Dayton


Evon is a wonderful stylist, she was educated about hair in Germany and is incredibly knowledgeable. She takes the time to educate you about your hair type and she has written up great information packets about that she is happy to share with you during your appointment. She charges a fair price and offers many great quality natural and organic products ! Happy to have met her, she is a gem!

Alexander Cook


First time getting a perm, everything was explained clearly. 10/10 experience! Highly recommend! Super nice and had a great conversation! My hair looks great now!

Morgan Sackett


Evon is great, she transformed my hair. I love it! Her organic products make my hair look awesome! Highly recommend :)

Desiree Shepherd


Evon is thoughtful when it comes cutting hair! She took the time to listen to my ideas plus with her advice to achieved my gold! My hair feels and looks healthy and I can thank Evon for the success. The fact that she uses only organic products is very satisfying. I fell good about my looks right now. I am sure that you will, too!

Cara Mourtsen
★★★★★ 03/25/2022

Awesome first time ORGANIC cut and color! She is a great professional hairstylist. I highly recommend you visit  Organic Natural Hair. No smells, no mess!

Jessica Vinson
★★★★★ 03/20/2022

Took her time, and did a very efficient job. NEVER smelled like chemicals!! Great products, and care! Very helpful with tips on protecting hair from damage etc.

Christy Shane


Evon, is wonderful! She is very knowledgeable about hair and is great at educating you on how to properly take care of your hair too. As a person with a lot of curly hair it was awesome to find someone who knows how to work with it. I am very picky about who touches my hair and I would go back to her in a heartbeat.

'Lily Mourison


She did a wonderful job with coloring my hair and took her time to make sure that I ended up with the exact color I wanted! She was very personable, kind, and accommodating throughout the whole process! Also, all of her products are so natural and organic which is amazing! I definitely highly recommend!

Julian Henderson


What a wonderful place for a hair cut! She is very skilled and is even knowledgeable about the history of different hair styles. Highly recommended.

Monika Fidler

Top quality service. Evon is very knowledgeable and shares great information on how best to take care of your hair.

Nicolas Vinson


She is more than a hairdresser, she is a hair doctor. Received a fantastic haircut, as well as an insightful consultation on keeping hair healthy (beards included)

with natural materials instead of using the highly advertised carcinogenic industrial products promoted by the typical big box franchise next door.
Truly a gem, Evon’s little shop and big ideas are part of what make Boulder a unique and thoughtfully sustainable place to live.
Support small business (and quality hair that naturally lasts) by supporting Evon.


Hello Nicolas, thank you for the awesome review you left me for the experience you got about my services and my organic hair care products! I wish more of my good, happy clients had the time to give a review for their experience, and education they got about organic care products and about the care of their hair and the safety of the environment.

Cynthia Teraska


Evon is terrific! She took care of me without notice the first time and the organic hair color was better than any color I’ve ever had. I’m back for a second visit and plan on becoming a permanent customer. Thanks for your great attitude and attention to my hair. I highly recommend Evon’s service and organic products.

Gini Henderson


I came because I saw the "Organic Natural Hair Salon  sign. The menu options were explained fully and all products are truly certified organic. I requested a haircut for a wedding and she gave me a new uplifting style. that I Love. I highly recommend Organic Natural Hair Salon because the hair products left my hair soft, shiny and healthy!  

April. P


I came in to get my hair re permed. by the time I came out it was looking much better than the first time I went through the process. Evon is very friendly and will support you through whatever hair process you undergo. she is also very knowledgeable about hair care. I learned a lot about how to care for curls and and seal the cuticles to keep strong tight curls. She gave me plenty of information to maintain the look I wanted and is always available For advice. I was amazed at how much I didn't know about perming and hair care before I came in. There are some reviews about her pushing products on people and I wanted to put that to rest. The products she sells are all natural and cost about as much as they would online anyways. The products I have bought from her have proven essential. Would recommend to anyone looking for a advanced or complex hair procedure/cut.

Spencer Mouritsen


My best hair cut and color for 2022! Great salon, I love my hair cut more than any salon! There was no smell of any chemicals. I got my organic products here to try, and they has no harmful chemicals -my hair feels healthy and better after using these products. I highly recommend this salon if you care for your health also besides the environment

Veritas Perry


Evon has been my stylist for several years now. She is fun and does an excellent job. Plus, it’s so nice knowing her products are all natural and free of harmful chemicals and all for a reasonable price.

Sita Adhikari

I liked Organic Natural Hair Salon service. Evon is very professional and friendly. Will take service again.

Stephen Cowan


Great job. My favorite hair cut. Very knowledgeable and passionate!

Brett Barton

It’s hard to find places that cut curly hair well. This salon was great! I learned a lot about caring for my hair what products I should be using. This was my first haircut in a long time that I liked; it looks exactly like my reference picture! I learned a lot and left feeling much better with a good haircut.

Elizabeth Henderson.


I went here for highlights. I was very happy when I found such a good place in Boulder. I was very pleased with the color I came out with and the service I received. The organic color is amazing and I've enjoyed both times being here!

Natalia Kepchar
★★★★★ 11/20/2021
Consistently love my color! The high quality Organic products are super kind to my hair. She is fun and passionate about her art. Would recommend to my friends

Joshua Wagner
★★★★ 11/10/2021

Most other hair stylist cut your hair and it is awkward for a few days, but Organic/Natural Hair Salon makes it look perfect instantly! She cuts it the exact way I want it every time. I will absolutely be returning again and again! Check this great Salon


Michal DuMars

I am a returning customer to Organic Natural Hair Salon. I can be very particular about haircuts have always had a great haircut here, done exactly the way I want, and for a fair price. The owner is very knowledgeable and will go out of her way to educate customers on how to best take care of their hair. She clearly takes pride in her work and creates a relaxing atmosphere with tasteful music and natural lighting. You can feel good spending your money here at an honest, small, local business, which is becoming a rarity in Boulder as rent price

Tess Hamilton


Went above and beyond to educate me about how to maintain my curly hair and keep it healthy! Thank you!

Nina. P

Booked an all-over color for the first time ever, and Evon was able to match exactly the shade I was looking for. I love that she uses all natural, plant-based products and dyes with zero harsh chemical smells! Evon was able to give me the cut I wanted as well, unlike the previous place and stylist I visited. Great quality salon!

John Anglin

The best haircut experience of my life. Evon took obvious joy in giving me a marvelous haircut, and she is clearly passionate about what she does. She is patient, she listens, and she can carry on an interesting conversation while doing excellent work. I am so happy with my cut, and will definitely return!

Amara. C


I got a perm here and my hair is super thick and long and it came out beautiful! She was very thorough and made sure it came out looking how it want it! Very informative and helpful as well :)

Brian Tsen-Nicodemus

Evon was incredibly friendly. She also shared thorough instructions on how to care for my hair once permed, and I was able to take screenshots of them. The result of the perm turned out great! Very professional service.

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