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A haircut is a safe, instantly gratifying way you can make a change. Plus, it gives you a confidence boost. “When you are confident, you believe in your capabilities and are more likely to take action” If your inner person you want to portray doesn't match the outer you, then it's time to try something new and different.

Women's Haircut $39+

Price depending on the density, texture and length of the hair. 

Shampoo, conditioning treatment and blow dry $65 & up

Price depending on the density and length of the hair

Blow Dry Style $85 & up

Includes consultation, shampoo, conditioning treatment. Price depending on the density and length of the hair

$85 & Up

Shampoo, deep conditioning treatment, blow dry not style dry




As more guys shorten out their hair style from medium-length to shorter styles this ...if you preferred style is somewhere between the classic taper haircut or businessman’s haircut or High Fade Haircuts. Mohawk Hairstyles For short To Long Ideas is perfect  for curly and wavy hair. The styled up look does require some product show off a larger bang. Shorter cut at the sides, this is a stylish business haircut that stays in place all day.    

Men's Haircuts $24.99+

Shampoo, conditioning treatment & blow dry $20 & up 

Color Blending for Men –$65+

Blend your salt and pepper color or hair color includes: consultation, hair color, shampoo, and conditioning treatment and blow/dry.







As more guys grow out their hair and style medium-length to longer styles, this ...if you preferred style is somewhere between classic punk and new-age hipster.

(Show ID) 1st time Visit 10% off. Mention to get the deal.

Men's Haircut $24.99 & up

1st time Visit 10% off. Mention to get the deal. (Show ID)

Shampoo, conditioning treatment & blow dry $15

Mention to get the deal

Women's Haircut $39.99+

Price depending on the density and length of the hair. 1st time visit 10% off

Shampoo, conditioning treatment and blow dry $65 & up

Blow dry Style $85 & up

Price depending on the density and length of the hair


Men's Haircut
Hair Color


  • "The Power of Color" Plays a strong role in women's lives today. More than plastic surgery and more than fashion, the hair color has became the fountain of youth for women. It makes them feel better about themselves in general. 

  • Our Organic certified organic free from harmful chemicals. 100% gray coverage with every shade.  Free from Ammonia which causes itchy scalps and watery/red eyes. Our color is also free from PPD, known as a carcinogen that is widely used as a permanent hair dye. This chemical can cause dermatitis, and reddening and swelling of the scalp and face. 

Full color one process $90+

Includes consultation, shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow dry. Price depending on the hair length, density and texture. Full color is applied to the scalp through the ends of the hair. 

Gray Coverage Root Re-Touch $75 & up

Includes consultation, shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow dry. Price depending on the hair length, density and texture. The Color is applied to the new outgrowth only. 

Root touch-up with Partial Highlighting or Low lighting Priced at the Consultation

Includes, shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow dry. Price depending on hair density, texture and length.

Glaze/Gloss $40 & up

 Includes, shampoo, blow dry. Applied all over and adds shine and semi-permanent color that typically lasts for up to two weeks. Glazes can be clear, like a top coat for color. Glosses and glazes can also provide intense conditioning and often help repair damage hair.

Color & Blending for Men –$60+

Blend your salt and pepper color or hair color includes: consultation, shampoo, conditioning treatment and blow/dry.


Partial Highlights $130 & Up

Full Highlight Priced at Consultation

Includes consultation, shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow dry. Price depending on the hair density, texture and length. For partial foil that cover the crown area of your head, face framing or baby lights to create contrast with dimension. Free from harmful chemicals for shiny and healthier hair

Highlights and Low lights Priced at the Consultation.

Includes consultation, shampoo, conditioning treatment, blow dry. Price depending on the hair density, texture and length.

Perm / Beach Waves
  • Perm $150+

  • A perm can do more than just curl

  • It adds volume, illusion of layering to straight cuts, neatens your own uneven natural curls. No more tight spiral frizzy curls like in the 80s.

  • The perms now are more about natural-looking hair

  • They are easy to style at home

  •   Price depending on the hair length, density, texture

  •  Includes consultation, clarifying shampoo, free from harmful chemicals

  •  Are you looking for some sexy  (perm)? Or a bit of body? Or Wavy beachy. Who doesn’t like to have permanent beach waves night and day? Saves precious time every morning for a hair styling.

Hair Treatment

Healthy Hair is Trending

We only use organic, free from harmful chemicals. Improving hair health is the main concern for clients, now more than ever. Hair requires hair treatment as a good foundation before hair  color. Poor hair quality leads to poor color quality.

1. Trauma Treatment $55 & up

 Includes Shampoo/Blow-Dry

 Flower Shield Complex contains anti-fade compounds from flowers for maximum color protection. Healing formula restores over-processed hair. Keratin that locks-in hair color for healthy and shine. Apply as a leave-in for continuous healing action.

2. Ultimate Treatment $70 & up

 A, 3- step Includes Shampoo/Blow-Dry

-Restore vital nutrients and equalize porosity. A, 3-step 

It is an advanced nutrient delivery system that carries powerful vitamins, proteins for optimal conditioning

-Restore vital nutrients

-Equalize Porosity after hair color

3. Masquerade Ball Treatment $75 & up

 Includes Shampoo/Blow-Dry 

 For all types of hair, these hair masks are not only treating existing damage, but also working as a damage preventative. "Masks are essential for high-lift blonds, hair colors, and perms that want to ensure their beautiful new hair service without sacrificing their integrity of their hair" These rejuvenating masks. Plant-base anti-oxidant, Vitamins C,E, omega 3,6, and mineral dense to fortify your hair.  

Wavy/Curly Hair Treatment


Frizz-free curls $70 & up

Includes shampoo, blow dry, and an explanation to help you take care. Formulated with shea butter, macadamia and argan oils. Masks infuses curls with intense hydration care. Short/Medium length hair. Long hair prices at the salon consultation.

Moisture Infusion

Nothing bothers curly haired clients more than frizz.

Humid day? Frizz. Over styling? Frizz. Wrong product? Frizz.

We provide deep-conditioning and hair oils services and loading up on at-home hydrating masks.

Hair Extensions

Clip-in extensions in different lengths, styles and colors. Clip-in extensions are gentle on your hair and scalp - no adhesive or chemicals no worries about ripping hair.The synthetic Tru2Life fibers can be heat-styled to create any look and they are more durable and shiny than the human hair extensions. Includes a consultation and an explanation for how to help you take care. Starts at $19.

Additional Services

  • Prices depend on length of hair, density, texture.

  • Shampoo $15& up

  • Bang Trim $15

  • Blow dry $45 & up

  • Not color correction

  • Not  up-do or hair style 

 Service Policy

  • We stand behind our salon services. If your color or hair cut is not what you requested we will do a complementary adjustment if notified within 3 days of the original service. We do not give cash refunds for services, products or gift certificates. Retail items can be exchanged within 3 days of purchase.

  • Child Policy

  •  As a courtesy to other salon guests and to help us in our effort to offer a relaxed and professional atmosphere, we ask that you refrain from bringing very young children in for haircuts. We’ll happily give a haircut to anyone 10 and up but we’re afraid anyone younger will just have to wait. 

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